About Us - Dazuma.com

Welcome to Dazuma.com, where quality lighting products and exceptional service combine to illuminate your world. As a brand of Dazuma, a registered company based in Angers, France, established on February 29, 2016, our mission is to brighten your life and surroundings.

Our Passion

At Dazuma.com, we are deeply passionate about life, committed to what we love, and dedicated to our goals and ideals. We also embrace change and share our joys with diverse individuals. Our commitment to excellence in both products and service is unwavering.

Exceptional Lighting Products

Our specialization lies in offering you the finest lighting products sourced from remarkable designers around the world. Our network includes connections with dozens of exceptional suppliers, and we operate in Asia with our own warehouses and quality control departments. With brand authorizations in place, we cater to the mid to high-end market. Our product range spans chandeliers, pendant lights, wall lights, outdoor lighting, and more, setting a new benchmark for quality that surpasses other brands.

Our Expanding Horizons

While our initial primary market was in the United States, we are excited to expand our operations to the European market, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and some more Europe countries, This expansion has led to the creation of Dazuma.com, where we are thrilled to serve the European middle class. We are dedicated to providing exceptional pre-sales and after-sales service to ensure your shopping experience is nothing short of exceptional.

At Dazuma.com, we believe in bringing light to your life, both literally and metaphorically. Our commitment to delivering quality lighting products, rooted in a legacy of exceptional experiences, drives us forward as we illuminate your world one product at a time.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We look forward to brightening your life with Dazuma.com.